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We Bring You Quality Custom Mouthguards in Fort Saskatchewan

Ever felt that you clench and grind your teeth involuntarily? Or perhaps, you play sports and are at the risk of objects colliding with your teeth. Ross Creek Dental, Fort Saskatchewan, provides comfortable mouthguards to help protect your oral health in all these situations.

To maintain complete oral health, brushing and flossing aren’t the only answers, as oral appliances keep your teeth and jaws safe and in the right shape. This way, they prevent further oral health issues and contribute to your overall well-being.

Our professionally manufactured custom-fitted dental appliances such as mouthguards protect your teeth and gums while you sleep and while you’re involved in athletic activity, thereby improving the quality of your life.

Custom-made Dental Appliances

We offer two kinds of custom-made mouthguards to keep your teeth sheltered from damage:

Sports guards
During sports activity or exercise, an oral appliance can act as a barrier between the soft tissue of your mouth and teeth and save you from dental injury.
Night guards
If you grind or clench your teeth during your night’s sleep, a custom-made nightguard can help prevent tooth damage and jaw disorders, and provide pain relief too.

Professional Affiliations

Alberta Dental Association & College

Improve Your Smile

Protect your teeth from damage with quality dental appliances customized for your mouth.

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